Company Policy


As the recent developments in the local and global business sphere emphasize the need to adhere to good governance practices, Majestic Electric Company Limited places a strong emphasis on adopting and implementing sound practices of good governance. Transparency, accountability, integrity and high business ethics are the core conducts by which the Corporate Governance mechanism is formulated in order to effectively direct and govern the Company and its subsidiaries. The company is primarily guided by the Code of Best Practices on Corporate Governance issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.

In addition to be complying with the statutory requirements, effective governance systems and practices towards improving transparency, disclosures, internal controls and ethics at work-place have been institutionalised. Majestic Electric Company recognises that good Corporate Governance is a continuing exercise and reiterates its commitment to pursue highest standards of Corporate Governance in the overall interest of all its stakeholders.

We are customer obsessed. We will respect our customers. It is our duty to earn their loyalty and trust. We will serve them offering a professional and personalised service

We constantly strive to develop new products to meet our customer expectations. Our suppliers are an integral part of our products and services. Hence, we will work with them to achieve the highest professional standards in the industry.

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