General Company Information

Management Structure

Majestic Electric Company (Pvt) Ltd. Incorporated in 1977.

Our Staff

The Company has Three (3) professionally qualified Executive Directors, and the following professional & technical staff:  Three (3) Consulting Charted Electrical Engineers, Three (3) Senior Electrical Engineers, Five (5) Junior Electrical Engineers, Ten (10) Electrical foremen, and Over One Hundred (100): Electricians, Technicians, Machine Operators, labourers, and skilled & support staff.

Apart from the above Professional & Technical staff there are the usual complement of staff for Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Administration, and Finance. Our staff strength is over 100 employees under immediate staff, and over 200 other staff.

Most of our staff members have been working for more than a decade. This explains the company culture and job satisfaction. All staff are responsible for ensuring that quality standards are maintained and continuously improved. This guarantees that our products & services remain of the best construction and performance.

We consider our employees as our most important asset. We equip them with necessary skills and technology to deliver our services efficiently. We motivate, reward and continuously develop our staff to pursue excellence.


Sister Companies –

  • Majestic Enterprises
  • Majestic Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Majestic Industries Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Majestic Electric Company (N.Z.) Ltd.


Our Bankers –

  • Hatton National Bank
  • Bank Of Ceylon
  • Nations Trust Bank
  • Sampath Bank
  • National Saving Banks
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