Project Experience


The Directors of the company have, within themselves, acquired extensive experience in the field of electrical engineering from the inception of the company, and together with the technical staff have accumulated vast knowledge on diverse projects such as hospitals, hotels, banks, schools, universities, industrial buildings, commercial installations, etc. The major projects handled by Majestic Electric Company (MEC) are listed.

These projects were handled by MEC either as the main contractor for electrical work or as a specialist nominated contractor. Our company has also worked together with reputed international contractors such as Spie Batignolles on their projects in Sri Lanka. Spie Batignolles has appointed us as their specialised electrical sub-contractor.

Further, MEC is both pre-qualified & registered with all major institutions and consulting organisations in Sri Lanka as an electrical contracting company.

MEC possess the highest grading within the ICTAD grading system in Sri Lanka and is authorized to handle contracts over 10 million rupees, upto an unlimited value.

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