Corporate Lighting

We understand how environments change with light, what happens to materials, colours and textures when illuminated and how to enhance architectural form and volume with light. We appreciate the physical and physiological aspects of light; how to achieve the right ambience, balance and moods to affect our lives, well-being and productivity. Light is an important source of energy. Like good nourishment keeps the “human machinery” running, light is vital for our mental and physical health. It is also important for our productivity so that light is correctly positioned and adapted. Good and effective lighting concepts help increase productivity, comfort and also provides an agreeable working environment, whilst reducing energy costs. Low voltage light bulbs are perfectly suited to office requirements, and provide a much greater lifespan when compared to higher voltage, less efficient options.

We offer a unique service based around understanding your requirements and delivering innovative, visually stimulating and technically excellent lighting solutions that meet a sound installation, operation and maintenance strategy. Wherever possible, we believe in the integration of lighting equipment into the surroundings, resulting in the visual stimulation of light and texture, form and volume. We work along with some of the highly reputed and pioneer architects and construction companies in Sri Lanka to deliver the very best!

We also provide lighting and engineering solutions to Exhibitions and Concerts, working along with promoters and event organisers. All our advice is backed by a full stock inventory and professionally trained crew.

Now that we have the availability of colours through the new LED technologies there is ample opportunity to engage lighting as part of the corporate image creation.

We will take you through a consultative process to define the scope of a lighting project, from initial proposal, to concepts and visualisations then a fully specified and costed scheme. Finally, we will project manage the implementation to ensure you get exactly what has been designed. Here is how we achieve this:

  • Concept Design Documentation: including a variety of visuals to explain concept lighting proposals to varied end users. These can be in the form of hand sketches, generic installation details, through to computer generated photo realistic concept images.

  • Scheme Design Documentation: typically this will consist of fully detailed CAD plans, elevations, sections and installation details. This will also include full luminaire specification, lighting control requirements and any other supporting material.

  • Project Commissioning: including luminaire positioning and installation guidance, end design scheme conforming to all standardisations, etc.

For more information on our stock inventory and projects we have worked, please visit our store or give us a call.

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