Exterior & Street Lighting


Exterior lighting presents a whole different set of requirements and applications. Installations such as security lighting, road and pathway lighting and illumination of commercial premises such as petrol stations and car parks all demand a specific lighting role.

To successfully meet the growing demands of street lighting and road illumination, we have come up with a wide range of street lights. These street lights are resistant to dust, water and extreme weather conditions and thus require very less maintenance. These lights are available in varied models, and are offered in standard and customised specifications.

We offer a unique service based around understanding your requirements and delivering innovative, visually stimulating and technically excellent lighting solutions that meet a sound installation, operation and hassle free maintenance strategy. Wherever possible, we believe in the integration of lighting equipment into the surroundings, resulting in the visual stimulation of light and texture, form and volume. In all cases, the most energy efficient option must be selected if lighting is to become as environmentally friendly as possible.

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