Hospitality Lighting

At Majestic Electric Lighting, we work with you to create guest experiences that put hospitality properties in a better position to thrive in todays’ marketplace.

Hospitality is all about creating memorable travel experiences, with top-tier services and surroundings that win guests loyalty. Good lighting is a key component in creating those surroundings. From the welcoming atmosphere of a lobby to a flexible guest room lighting to the subdued glow of an intimate restaurant, the right light creates a backdrop for a pleasant stay. Yet poor lighting can be a common guest complaint. To keep them coming back, it is crucial to get lighting right the first time—and make it easy to maintain.

To be a leader in todays’ competitive marketplace, hoteliers need to focus on the importance of ambience, well-being and sustainability to address the critical issues of the guest experience, the brand and to meet their financial goals. Lighting can support these three key factors and help you transform your property in meaningful and innovative ways.

Ambience: Welcoming and inviting spaces can engage guests in a variety of activities. The use of lighting solutions to enrich their surroundings can elevate guests’ moods and set the scene for a memorable hotel stay.

Well-Being: Comfortable, well-balanced spaces support the physical and emotional comfort of your guests. Efficient, well-balanced lighting systems can improve the guest experience and boost your bottom line.

Sustainability: Employing systems that reduce a property’s environmental impact builds a positive image, enhances guest relations, and saves dollars on energy use and maintenance. Today’s guests are conscious of the environment and care about how you operate your property—they want to know who you are as much as what you have to offer. Our lighting products offer some of the highest efficiencies and longest life compared to any compatible products available today. We are committed to provide innovative solutions for reducing a hotel’s environmental “footprint” and reducing energy use—while remaining cost-effective.

Because hotels operate 24-7, even small gains in efficiency can lead to significant savings. Replacing outdated lighting systems with more efficient, environmentally friendly solutions will reduce energy consumption and disposal costs. Selecting lighting components that perform better over a period of time also means fewer lamp replacements and disruptions to hotel operations. Working with fewer lamp types and standardising wattages can reduce complexity, making maintenance more manageable and less costly.

Today’s traveller engages in many activities while staying at a hotel. Some guests seek a quiet, contemplative place for lounging; others look for an efficient place to work. In each case, lighting systems must meet their needs. Hoteliers should look to dynamic, flexible lighting to create appealing spaces—We can help you transform your lighting systems to meet the varied preferences of today’s travellers.

Travellers base decisions about where to spend their lodging dollars on more than just their recent experiences. Like other purchases, a consumer’s perception of what the brand stands for is a large part of their choice. Whether you operate a boutique hotel or a five-star resort, our lighting can support your unique brand image to strengthen the identity of your hotel and allow for consistency and replication across properties.

We will take you through a consultative process to define the scope of a lighting project, from initial proposal, to concepts and visualisations then a fully specified and costed scheme. Finally, we will project manage the implementation to ensure you get exactly what has been designed. Here is how we will achieve this:

  • Concept Design Documentation: including a variety of visuals to explain concept lighting proposals to varied end users. These can be in the form of hand sketches, generic installation details, through to computer generated photo realistic concept images.
  • Scheme Design Documentation: typically this will consist of fully detailed CAD plans, elevations, sections and installation details. This will also include full luminaire specification, lighting control requirements and any other supporting material.
  • Project Commissioning: including luminaire positioning and installation guidance, end design scheme conforming to all standardisations, etc.

For 75 years, MEC has been providing products uniquely suited to improving the hospitality environment—from televisions to energy efficient lighting solutions. Let our professional expertise in hospitality help you create spaces that delight your customers!

For more information on our stock inventory and projects we have worked, please visit our store or give us a call.

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