Lighting Accessories

Lighting styles have a wide range of switch plates, emergency lighting, transformers, lamps and dimming equipment. Click through the Product Range for transformers for low voltage fittings, fire hoods for downlights, and many more. We comply with international quality standards, and we have come up with a wide assortment of lighting accessories in various specifications to meet our customers’ requirements. Most accessories are designed using the latest technology and have earned wide eminence in the market owing to its precision, construction and superior performances.

Some Lighting Accessories are:

High Bay Luminaries – Attractive wide-angle luminaries reflects all light downwards for improved lighting efficiency. For use with our 9W & 11W 12 Volt Energy Saving Bulbs above.

12V Timer Switch – Easy to install, turns on light automatically just when you need it. Each day of the week can be programmed separately. It is ideal for switching on an outdoor light during the hours of darkness, or when you are away. This timer switch can also be used for solar-powered fountains, greenhouse heaters, etc.

12V Movement Sensor – Easy to install, turns the light on when it detects someone standing nearby. Ideal for night time access and security applications. Adjustable range & sensitivity.

Dimmer Switches – We have a comprehensive range of dimmer switches at attractive prices, with decorative finishes for a wide variety of applications that have exceptional performance, long life and innovation. Therefore it is important to select the correct dimmer switch for your application.

Ignitors & Ballasts – Due to the characteristics some HID lamps like metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium vapour lamps need a specific ignition device, the so called “ignitor”, which supplies the correct over voltage necessary to ionise the gas mixture inside the discharge bulb or tube. The shape of the discharge bulb or tube, the type of gas and its pressure mainly defines the technical characteristics of such lamps. Hence, different ignitors are available in the market to operate various types of lamps.

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