Curtain & Net Lights

Our range of exciting curtain and net lights are perfect for decorating windows, walls, roof tops and Christmas trees to create an enchanting, festive look. Curtain and net lights are effortless to install, and are fantastic for covering a large area very quickly. Net lighting features equally spaced bulbs for a tidy, elegant look, and curtain lighting features neat strings of tiny bulbs for a dazzling display. Some of our designs even feature transparent wire, for a truly magical look. The LED technology featured in many of our festive lights, not only ensures a bright dazzling glow, but also saves energy and features a longer life expectancy so these would not need replacing as often.

Whether you are looking for colourful, fun Christmas lighting for a family home, or elegant illumination for a commercial lighting display, we are sure to have something to suit you. We feature a wide range of net and curtain lights for use both indoor and outdoor, adding a special festive sparkle.

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