Fibre Optic Lighting


We can supply optical fibre by the metre. Also, we can supply the light sources or lamps required to illuminate the fibre, and provide appropriate end fittings where necessary. If an off-the-shelf kit does not meet your needs we will work with you to create a customised, yet economical package for your specific project.

Optical fibre is just the thing for creating that sensation of sleeping out under the stars, but it can also be used in a huge range of other innovative lighting designs. In the bathroom or kitchen the ability to separate the light output from the electrical supply has obvious safety applications. You can install fibre optic lighting in a splash next to a bath or washbasin or even inside a shower enclosure.

Remember, a single light source can often be used to illuminate several different lighting effects, so fibre optic lighting may be more economical than you would expect.

Another great advantage of fibre optic lighting is that the fibres and / or end fittings can be permanently sealed in place, without having to worry about access to change bulbs. As long as the light source is accessible, the actual fibre ends can be anywhere – up on a high ceiling, cast permanently into a concrete floor or wall or built into a staircase to illuminate the risers or treads.

Tired of conventional white light? The colour wheel in your light source allows you to change the colour of the output light without changing a single bulb.  Why not try Fibre Optic lighting today?

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