LED Rope Lights


Our LED rope lights are incredibly versatile. They can be used to create the exact lighting display of your choice. Use wherever required to add sparkle and shine to your property or garden. Majestic Electric Company has selected the lights in this range thanks to their reliability and durability.

LEDs are an ideal light source for rope lights, as these provide bright light from very compact lamps. You could choose white or blue LEDs for cool and classic decorative lighting, or opt for multicoloured LED rope lights if you want to create a fun festive atmosphere. LED rope lights are the most flexible of all our rope light fittings, as LEDs operate at a low temperature, so these lights can be safely used near heat sensitive materials such as fabric, paper or plants.

Rope lights are one of the easiest decorative fittings to install. These lights can be simply wrapped or draped around poles, trees or posts, tied into position, hung on hooks or fixed with clips if you prefer. Incredibly versatile, these lights can be twisted, looped or curled around your property, whatever its shape. Some models allow you to connect rope lights together, so you can tailor-made the length to suit your precise requirements and can even be formed into writing or decorative 3D shapes.

Perfect for rope lights that run for long periods of time, LEDs are incredibly energy efficient. These rope lights also have a long average life span of up to 50,000 hours, which makes it a great investment as it could last for years.

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