Pendants & Chandeliers

We supply most versatile pendant lights that are both attractive and affordable. For truly unique hanging light styles, have a look at our customised collection. If you are looking for something a little closer to the ceiling, check out our fabulous surface mounted ceiling lights.

We also carry a number of chandeliers in contemporary styles. These chandeliers are updated designs, perfect for use in dining rooms, entryways, foyers and any other large space. Unlike traditional chandeliers, these make use of colourful glass, sleek metal and other design-forward materials.

Stir up a romantic air and a sense of fancy with our innovative and beautiful pendants & chandeliers, with romantic wall candle designs to create an evocative ambiance. The swing lamps offer convenient lighting mobility. Light up your life with any one of our collection. Fine tear shaped chandeliers or those with long stems may be the answer to illuminating those darker rooms into icons for visibility or mood. Chandeliers are luxurious by nature and this collection does not veer too far from that prerequisite.

Chandeliers convey the feel of a room; the right chandelier can make a room feel cheerful and welcoming or it can accentuate the ultramodern appearance of the room. Within our showcase you will discover an assortment of designs and styles to choose from: our chandeliers are made from the finest iron, steel, bronze, copper, some are silver plated as well as other durable materials, and others are made of the finest etched glass. Also, the incredible attention given to detail of each chandelier cannot be overstated.

Our collection literally announces your sense for the beautiful: the perfect harmony of the functional and the striking—our pendants & chandeliers complete the look of any room in any home.

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