Welcome to Majestic Electric Company..

You have entered the world of Majestic Electric Company Private Limited and its Sister companies. The friendly caring people who will instantly and reliably satisfy your Electrical and Allied needs.

Whether it be Residential, Commercial or Industrial; you can reliably depend on our supply and service for all your electrical requirements in:

    • Design and Installation of Electronic, Communication, Data, and Security Systems and Equipment,
    • Electrical Engineering and Contracting,
    • Import of Electrical, Electronic, Communication Equipment and Products,
    • Manufacture of a wide range of Electrical products such as:

–          Cable Management Systems, Fittings, & Accessories,
–          Control Panels,
–          Lamp shades,
–          Lighting Fixtures (Luminaries), and
–          Power Distribution Boxes.

    • Maintenance of Electrical, Electronic, Communication, Data, and Security Equipment and Installations,
    • Mobile Electrical Emergency/Breakdown Repair Service,
    • Repair of Electrical Equipment, and
    • Sales of a diverse and modern range of Electrical and Security Equipment and Products.

Majestic Electric Company is a pioneer in the field of Electrical commercial activity in Sri Lanka and we have been one of the earliest – in many instances the first – member of such exclusive professional groupings as ICTAD and NCCASL. We have been in the forefront of receiving State approval for our efforts – and resultant success – in raising the standards of Electrical Design, Engineering and Contracting in Sri Lanka.

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified for Quality management systems in Design & Installation of Electrical Systems, Repair & Maintenance of Electrical Systems & Products, Trading of Electrical & Lighting Products.

Since the inception of official grading of Electrical Contractors in Sri Lanka; Majestic Electric Company has been recognised as a ICTAD Grade EM1 Contracting Firm, categorised as a Contractor with the knowledge and resource capability to handle projects of unlimited value in a professional manner.

Our pride lies, in the fact that we have served the people of our nation with an unbroken supply of the best in products and service since 1940, and the fact that generations of satisfied clients have been with us for over 75 years since that first day, which is our greatest reward…

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